Images: Britannica Image Quest

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 9.37.43 PMLooking for a reliable source of high-quality images for students to use in academic work? Your first choice should be Britannica Images, a district-paid resource full of millions of beautiful professional-quality images.

Give it a try by typing a keyword into this search box.

  • If you are asked to log in, ask your MRC Director for the username and password (they are the same as for the Encyclopedia Britannica and World Book Web).
  • You can access Britannica Image Quest through your schools’ Alexandria Researcher web page (or Classjump at CHMS).

Tips for using Britannica Image Quest with students:
1. Counsel students not to use the thumbnail images in their projects. Thumbnail images will pixelate and lose quality when enlarged in a project. If students click on the text below the thumbnail image, they will get the option to download the image.  
2. When students download an image, it will come with a .txt file with the caption and credit information. Students can simply copy the caption and credit information from the database screen as well.

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