Getting the Most out of Tasks in Gmail

Did you know you can keep a “to-do” list within your Gmail with the task feature? To get started, click the down arrow next to Gmail in the top left corner of your Gmail page, then choose Tasks. To enter tasks, click in the Tasks window and start typing. Once you’ve typed in a task, press ‘Enter’ to create another task, or use the + button at the bottom of your list. Simply check off each item as you finish them, and/or press the trashcan icon to delete that task.

There are many ways to customize and organize your task list. You can add more information for each task, such as a due date or more notes, and you can create multiple lists for different categories of tasks.

One of the best features of tasks is that you can add items directly from an email. When you are looking at an email, click on the More button at the top of your email. One of the options is “Add to Tasks.” When you click that, Gmail will add the title of that email to your task list. Then, when you look back at your task list later, you can click on the link and it will bring you right back to the email.

I made a quick (under two minute) tutorial video demonstrating these features. Take a look!



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