DK findout! New Research Tool for Inquiring Minds

DK FindIt!

Check out DK findout, a new website where young students can look for answers to questions about animals, coding, dinosaurs, earth, history, human body, language arts, math, music/art/literature, science, space, and transportation.

Students can click on one of the topics and drill down to more specific topics. Or they can type in a search. The short articles have great diagrams and are visually appealing, similar to DK nonfiction books. While the information is not in-depth, it is a great place for students to explore many different topics of interest. The illustrations are excellent and well-labeled. The articles about the human body have especially good illustrations.

Teachers can create an account and make lesson plans gathering resources from the website. DK findout is still a beta version and is free. It’s worth looking at!

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