Shadow Puppet App for Images, Voice, Text

Shadow Puppet Edu
Shadow Puppet Edu

Easy way to combine images, voice recording, and text
Young students can use Shadow Puppet with ease, but older students will find it a great way to share their learning. It is a District 181 recommended app and it’s free! This post covers the Edu version.Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.41.33 PM

Built-in Image Search 
The built-in image search gives students a safe and easy way to find images from many sources including the Library of Congress, NASA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Wikimedia Commons, and a filtered web search. Once a puppet is saved and exported, citations for the images are included at the end of the video.

Features of Shadow Puppet:
* Import images from the camera roll or the image search. Images can be resized within the app.
– Tap on the lower RH corner of an image to read a caption and information about it.
* Add titles to the images. This is somewhat limited, but there are several fonts, four sizes, five positions on the image, and a few animations of the title.
* Add music from eight built-in choices or from iTunes.
* Record your voice. You can pause and resume a recording and undo the recording for an image.
* Add animations to draw the eye to different parts of an image.
* Share the puppet via URL, email, or YouTube.
* To edit a saved puppet, you copy it an re-record.
* The app includes lots of ideas of how to Shadow Puppet.
* Review of Shadow Puppet Edu on Graphite by Commonsense Media.


9:01 minute tutorial from EdTech El Paso gives a good overview of the features of Shadow Puppet.
2:27 minute quick overview of Shadow Puppet
2:58 minute comparison of Book Creator and Shadow Puppet showing the advantages of each app








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