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Managing and Organizing Google Drive Files

Google Drive has many features to help manage and organize files. You can search for files by name, you can narrow or filter a search, and you can sort your files. Additionally you can create folders and then color code the folders to help keep things organized.

Searching For Files

Use the search box at the top of the Google Drive screen to enter a file name. Files that match the search name will be listed. Click the file name to open the document.

Narrow or Filter Your Search

If you get too many results from your search, click the down arrow at the right end of the Google Drive search box to open a list of search options. Pick one of the options, or a combination of options to use to search Google Drive. If you still don’t find the file you want or there are still too many results, you can add a word after your search options to further narrow your results.

Sort Your Files

Click the sort options icon in the upper right corner of your Google Drive screen. A drop down menu of choices lists: Last modified, Last edited by me, Last opened by me, and Name. The default sort for Google Drive files is A to Z by file name.  Chose one of the other options to see if it makes it easier to find your files.

Organize Your Files

Use folders to help organize your files. In the upper left corner of the Google Drive screen, click on the red box labeled ‘NEW’ and then select ‘Folder’. A dialog box will appear asking you to name your new folder. Type in the name and click the blue ‘CREATE’ button and your new folder will be created. 

Move Google Drive Files to Your Folders

To add files to your folder, just drag and drop the files that you would like to add to the folder. 

Organize Your Folders By Color

On the left side of the Google Drive screen under ‘My Drive,’ click on one of the folders you’d like to have a color other than the default color of gray. Click the down arrow next to your folder name for a list of options and then scroll down and click on ‘Change color.’ A palette of color choices will appear.  Click on your choice of color.

For More Information…

There are several great ‘how to’ videos on Youtube. You can go to Youtube and do a search, or check out one of my favorites at: 


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