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screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-12-46-45-pmIf you haven’t heard of Kahoot! yet, you’ve got to check it out! It provides a very simple way to create a game. Any web-enabled devices can be used to participate (Macs, Chromebooks, iPads, Smartphones). Students can play individually or in team mode.

Set up your account at Take a look at this guide from Kahoot! to learn how to set up your own quizzes, or view this video from Jeremy Johnston. 

Here are some suggestions of how to use Kahoot! with your class:

  1. Use a quiz for an engaging review game. 
  2. Use as a pre-assessment, piquing students’ interests and gauging what they already know about the topic by asking questions before teaching the material. I would suggest turning off the “points” for a game like this so students aren’t intimidated to make a mistake. Kahoot calls this a “Blind Kahoot” and has a Blind Kahoot template you can duplicate and edit.
  3. Challenge Another Classroom. Did you know students in different locations can play at the same time? Set up a Google Hangout or Skype with another class or school anywhere in the world, use the same pin to enter the game, and play each other!
  4. Play Towards Mastery. Allow students in your classroom to replay quizzes using Ghost Mode. This allows students to play against themselves.
  5. Create a Survey. Kahoot also allows teachers to create surveys and discussions through the platform. This gives students an active voice in the classroom, helping them to feel important and involved.
  6. Springboard a Class Discussion. Powerful learning can happen after a quiz, so explore together the correct and incorrect answers on Kahoot. Ask students “why?” as a follow up question. Students will gain deeper levels of understanding and teachers can receive insight into the data.
  7. Student-Made Quizzes.  Have students create review quizzes for each other, giving students an authentic audience. Not only will you get meaningful feedback, but also see the topics and key points students picked up on or missed.

We’d love to hear how you have used Kahoot! with your students!


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