Google Story Builder

Try something new with your students. It only took a few minutes for me to make this example. The tool is web based so it works on all devices. Google Story Builder can be used without creating an account, simply name your characters, give it a title and start writing your story. When you have finished writing you can add music, then get a link to the video of your story.

How could this be useful in the classroom? Have your students summarize a novel or reading passage by creating a dialogue between characters. Speaking of dialogue, how about a debate between opposing viewpoints, a conversation between historical figures, practicing a foreign language, or a fictional interview. Students would enjoy using this tool to demonstrate understanding of any subject. Students could write math stories, then share the link for other students to solve.

I think this is a tool that is good for really quick projects, but here is a planning sheet if you want your projects be a bit more polished. Another trick for a more polished video is to type the text in a word processing document first, then paste it into the text boxes.

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