Upgrade skills for Digital Learning Environment

Exciting changes are coming to CCSD 181 with the adoption of the Digital Learning Environment (DLE). You want to be sure and be ready. What better time than now to start upgrading your tech skills? Below are 3 opportunities.

For everyone: join Illinois Computing Educators (ICE). Joining is free and will gain you access to all sorts of professional development opportunities. Join at http://iceberg.org/ and click the membership link.

For elementary educators: Apple has online, self paced professional development for educators. Sign in to the Apple Teacher Learning Center with an Apple ID. You can increase your knowledge of coding, iPads, and Macs. If you earn eight badges by working through a self paced lesson and then passing a quiz on eight facets of working with iPads you will be an “Apple Teacher”. The quizzes are free and have about 5 questions and can be taken repeatedly (4 out of 5 is a passing score).

For middle school educators: Google offers online training to become a Google Certified Educator Levels 1 and 2. These are self paced modules to work through and then take a test. Google offers a fundamentals course and advanced course. After you complete the unit reviews, you may choose to take the test to earn your certification. The tests currently cost $10.

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